The Best Safety Razors for Beginners

Congratulations on making the switch to safety shaving - I'm confident that you'll find the whole experience much more gratifying than shaving with a cartridge razor.

​To help you decide the best safety razor to try, we've compiled a list of razors that are best suited for beginners.  These razors are not too aggressive and are forgiving enough so that you can get the technique nailed down.

They aren't solely razors for beginners, either.  Many people start off with these razors and never change because they work so well.​  Others move on to slant bar safety razors for a more aggressive shave once they have the safety shaving technique mastered.

Best Beginner Safety Razors for Light Beard Growth

If you have light beard growth, then consider going with one of these safety razors:-

Feather All Stainless Steel Safety Razor

A mild razor that allows you to add a tiny bit of pressure while shaving while giving less irritation and nicks - very forgiving and especially suited for a beginner.

The all stainless steel razor means that it will never tarnish or lose its great appearance.  

The razor is a fine crafted item contained in a very nice presentation box - it's a quality razor, built in Japan, uses premium materials and is a very solid product.​


Parker 22R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Another great looking safety razor but a cheaper alternative to the feather all stainless.  

In terms of value for money, you can't really go wrong with the 22R.  It's a solid, mid-weight razor and while it's forgiving enough for beginners, it can also give a very nice close shave - certainly in comparison to cartridge razors.

Weishi 9306f Classical Safety Razor

A decent, solid, mild safety razor that's ideal for someone new to this style of shaving.  It's forgiving, looks decent, opens easy and comes with a batch of 5 sharp DORCO blades.

If you're unsure about safety razor shaving and want to dip your toe in the water then look no further.​  

If you make the switch fully to safety razor shaving then you may wish to upgrade, but as a starter razor, it's a great deal.

The razors above are great if you have light to medium beard growth.  If you have a more dense beard, then you may wish to try something slightly more aggressive:

The Best Safety Razors for Average Beard Growth

Edwin Jagger DE89

This is one of the most popular safety razors on the market, especially with newcomers to double edged shaving.  The chrome finish keeps the razor rust free and is very pleasing to the eye.

In terms of aggressiveness, this blade is not mild, but somewhere in the middle.  It can handle light and average density beards well.​  The razor has a good weight to it and is perfectly balanced​.

Overall, this razor is highly recommended and a great first razor to own.

Merkur Heavy Duty 34C

From one of the most popular safety razors to another, the Merkur 34C is another common first razor praised by many.

​Manufactured in Germany, the 34C is beautifully designed with a chrome finish. It has a knurled handle that offers plenty of grip and is weighted nicely for a great smooth shaving experience.

It's a toss up between this razor and the Edwin Jagger for best in category here.

Parker 99R - Long Handle Super Heavyweight Safety Razor

The Parker 99R is a great razor that competes with the best in this category.

This is also another great first razor for double edged shaving.  It is mid-range in terms of aggressiveness and forgiving enough to allow you to nail down the double edged shaving technique without a high propensity to shaving nicks.

What About Razor Blades?

Each of the razors listed above come with a certain number of blades that you can use. However, if you're new to double edged shaving, then it may be worth experimenting with a number of blades to find the one that best works for you.

If you aren't familiar with double edged shaving then you may think that choosing the correct blade is much ado about nothing, however there is a very big difference in the performance of ultra sharp blades (such as the feather razor blades) and smoother, blunter varieties.  

Choosing the right blade for you is especially important if you have sensitive skin and cartridge shaving causes you bumps and irritations.​

For this purpose, I'd recommend buying a blade pack that allows you to test the various different blades available on the market.

This double edged razor blade pack available from Amazon enables you to test seven of the most popular razor blade brands available

Click here to learn more about the different blades that are available and their sharpness

What About Soap, Brush and Mug?

There's no need to spend a fortune on the soap, brush and mug if you're just starting out.

I'd recommend purchasing something like the Van Der Hagen premium set.  It comes complete with shaving soap and a decent quality boar bristle brush, perfect for beginners.

Happy Safety Shaving!

If you're starting out with safety shaving then you can't really go wrong with the recommendations above.  It will give you a great, safe, introduction to safety shaving and will ensure that you never go back to cartridge shaving!

For more information about getting started​, check out our first time guide and also check out the price comparison between safety razors and cartridge razors - you will be shocked!

Leave us a note in the comments below to let us know how you get on with your first safety shave experience!


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