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The Merkur double edge safety razor is one of the best on the market, and this version with the long handle continues the Merkur tradition of the close, enjoyable shave. The long handled razor is great for those who have bigger hands and also for women who prefer to use double edge razors over cartridge razors for removing hair from their bodies.


4.6 out of 5 Stars

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  • Merkur 23C (Merkur 180) Long Handled Safety Razor with chrome finish
  • 1 Merkur Blade

Product Overview

The Merkur 23C (Merkur 180) Long Handled Safety Razor is the long handled version of the bestselling classic Merkur 33C traditional double edge safety razor.

Produced in Germany, these sturdy Merkur razors are extremely popular and there are a slew of reasons why.

They are effective, easy to use, and safe, provide a very close and easy shave and are very affordable at less than $30. The long handle has a non-slip grip and is great for those with bigger hands.

It’s also great for women who prefer to use a traditional shave on areas like their legs, as the longer handle leaves more room to get to the harder to reach areas behind the knees and ankles.

The Merkur 23C is a great razor to transition to from a cartridge razor as it offers an easy learning curve with its mild aggressiveness in terms of shave.

How It Works

The blade is inserted into the razor and secured. It’s important to handle the blades in a safe manner as they are very sharp!

It may take a couple of uses to get the hang of it, but the Merkur makes changing blades in their razors very easy.

The Merkur razor works best when used in conjunction with a good lather of shaving cream, and this also makes the experience all the more enjoyable.

With a good lather, all you need to do is hold the razor at a 30 degree angle over the skin and let the razor do its job.

No need to pull the skin taut or push down on the skin, as the razor will just glide easily over the skin and shave off any hairs seamlessly. The weight of the razor does the job for you, unlike a cartridge razor.

Another difference with a cartridge razor is that with a safety razor you can pass over the same area of skin several times without the risk of irritating the skin. The great thing about a double edge razor is that you can flip it round and use both sides during each pass.

The Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor washes easily under running water and it does not rust. Blades should be changed every 3-5 shaves. The Merkur razor comes with one free Merkur blade.

There are many blades on the market and sometimes you need to find the right one for you. The Merkur blade is very good, but you may prefer another type.

This is where the purchase of a sample blade pack may come in handy as it will give you the option to try a variety of blades to see what works the best.

Is It Effective?

Is it effective? Yes! There is a reason why Merkur is such a highly recommended brand.

If this is your first double edge safety razor then once you get the hang of how to use this type of razor correctly you will find that it is actually quite life-changing.

Shaving becomes a pleasurable pastime rather than a chore and irritations are held at bay while smooth skin prevails.

And if you are a traditional shave veteran then you will love the weight, look and seamless shave that the Merkur provides.

The long handle is a fantastic plus for those with bigger hands. It’s also great for women who prefer a traditional razor for shaving body hair. The longer handle helps navigate harder to reach areas and the contour of the legs and underarms.​

What Customers Think (reviews)

The Merkur 23C (Merkur 180) Long Handled Safety Razor has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and comes with absolutely glowing reviews from both men and women.

The few people who left an unsatisfactory review had obviously not taken the time to learn how to use a safety razor correctly.​

Some Customer Comments

Another Woman Leaves Cartridges Behind. Love this razor and I highly recommend it for women who want a great shave at a very low price.”

Nice weight in this Safety razor. To hell with constantly buying expensive tri-quad whatever head razors. I purchased the Merkur Safety razors, blades, soap, and brush. A year later I'm still using the same blades I purchased and saving a ton of money. Nice weight in this Safety razor.. took a little bit to get use to but now I will never go back to buying disposable cartridges.”

Personal Experience

I loved the weight and ease of use of this safety razor, and how it left me with smooth skin and no irritations whatsoever. You really can’t go wrong with a Merkur razor!​

In Conclusion…

Things we Liked

  • The long handle is great for bigger hands and for shaving other areas of the body
  • The razor is super affordable
  • Much more eco-friendly than a cartridge razor
  • Easy to use
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Very close and even shave

Things we didn't Like

  • Only comes with one blade

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