Top 10 Ladies Safety Razors to Suit all Pockets

Our Top Ten Picks

Top Priced

Vikings Blade The Crusader Adjustable Safety Razor

Top quality product with adjustable head - for men, but just as good for ladies, and so attractive!  Premium product at around $50

Ostensibly for men, this is still a great, good quality razor choice for ladies.  Sample blade included.   Online at around $38

Ladies razor with attractive, pale purple pearlescent coated extra long handle for easy reach, and 5 Derby blades.  Around $37

Mid Priced

Parker 29L Women's Long Handle Butterfly safety razor

Genuine Parker ladies safety razor, pretty in pink,  comes with 5 Shark Super Chrome blades.   Around $28

FREELOGICS Double edge safety razor kit with stand

Suitable for men or women, comes with stand, 5 blades and handy blade holder. Online at around $25

Putali Ltd. Safety Razor men or women

Very attractively designed, multicoloured Pakka wood, ergonomic handle.  Comes in wooden box for a great gift at around $25

Elkaline shaving kit stand and travel case

Silver coloured, unisex razor complete with stand, travel case and 5 razor blades.   Around $24

Budget Priced

Steelcut Double Edge Safety Razor Shave Kit

Chrome plated double edge closed comb razor with long handle - gift boxed, for men or women.   Affordably priced at around $19

Bambaw Double Edge Safety Razor

Lovely razor for the price, with bamboo handle and stainless steel parts (no blade included). Value for money at around $17

WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Long handled unisex safety razor made from cuprum metal with chrome finish, comes with 5 blades. Budget price at around $16

A Closer Look at the Products

Vikings Blade Crusader Adjustable Safety Razor

The most expensive of the razors we have picked out, this is a beautiful looking device.

The razor is made from brass, with heavy duty stainless steel internal mechanism and rose gold plated zinc bottom plate.

The black, non slip handle is longer than standard, for easier reach - the razor measures 117mm (a fraction over 4 ½") overall and it is quite weighty, at 109g (3.84ozs).

It comes in a sturdy, textured, pearly white box with magnetic catch - perfect for storage and with space for spare blades (no blade supplied).

A key feature of this razor is the asymmetrical, dual purpose adjustable head, which gives you more control over the closeness (and aggressiveness) of the shave.

One side of the head has comb-like rough grooves to the edge for the closest of shaves e.g. legs, whilst on the other side the edge is smooth for more sensitive areas such as underarms.

Vikings Blade Crusader Safety Razor
Vikings Blade Crusader Safety Razor

The blade is simply changed by twisting the bottom of the razor to open the butterfly mechanism.

There is also a twisting collar which can be used to manually adjust how open the head is depending on how mild or aggressive you want the shave to be.

Another great design feature is the rattling end-tip which automatically drains any trapped water from inside the razor.

A good quality, premium razor, it does not include blades so you can choose for yourself and is designed with regular, experienced shavers in mind.  Ostensibly for men, but also suitably elegant to please any lady's taste.

This model is the Merkur 23C (or 180) and is a longer handled version of the popular Classic Merkur 33C.

Slim and lightweight at just 60g (2.12oz), this is a 3 piece razor, so blades are replaced by twisting the handle to unscrew the head from the razor.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

The razor has a chrome finish with a knurled grip handle for a good, firm grip even with wet, soapy hands.

The straight bar, closed comb head gives a close shave without razor burn, and is ideal for beginners to safety razor shaving.

The longer, 4" handle makes it particularly suitable for use by ladies to make it more easy to reach areas such as legs.

It comes complete with a sample blade to get you started.

The Merkur long handled safety razor is manufactured in Germany since 1896 with Solingen Steel, and is competitively priced for the quality at around $38 online.

The Edwin Jagger Heather safety razor is aesthetically designed with ladies in mind, with its lovely, pearlescent coated, non slip handle in a subtle heather shade of purple.

The chrome plated embossed collar and end detail complement the handle beautifully.

Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor Heather
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor Heather

The handle is slightly longer than that of the standard Edwin Jagger razor, measuring 100mm (4") in total.

The two-part, double edged, closed comb razor head has a curved design, set at the correct angle for a close, easy shave.

This razor is suitable for experienced or new safety shaver users.

In terms of weight, it comes in at 68g (2.4 ozs) which sets it in between the Vikings Blade Crusader and Merkur Long Handled razors.

The Edwin Jagger Heather comes complete with 5 Derby Extra blades, offering good quality and value for money at around $37.

The Parker 29L for ladies has a solid brass, chrome plated frame for a long-lasting, well-weighted razor at a fraction over 86g (3.04 ozs).

The product has a slightly longer than standard handle to give the improved reach that ladies appreciate; the whole razor measuring 4".

Parker 29L Ladies Long Handled Razor
Parker 29L Ladies safety razor long handled

The handle is textured to give a good, firm grip and the pink finish makes it a pretty, obviously feminine razor.

It has a butterfly mechanism for easy blade replacement, opened by simply twisting the knob at the end.

The razor comes with 5 Shark double edged blades to get you started.

This product, from a well-known and respected manufacturer comes at an affordable price, currently online at around $28.

This razor is constructed from zinc alloy material with a chrome plate finish and a ridged handle for a good firm grip.

Although perhaps not as pretty as the ladies razors, this unisex model has an extra long handle to make a total length of 11.5cm (just over 4 ½").  This gives it the edge for ladies where reach is concerned when shaving legs etc.

Freelogics double edge safety razor kit
Freelogics safety razor butterfly opening

I really like the addition of the little, modern looking stand for storing the razor upright and protecting the head and blade from damage.

The 89.4g weight feels comfortable and substantial in the hand and it has a butterfly mechanism for replacing the blades easily.

The whole thing comes complete with 5 double edged stainless steel blades and a little plastic blade holder and is currently available for around an easily affordable $25.

I must admit to being seduced by the looks of the beautiful multi-coloured, ergonomic, curved handle of this razor.

I had to look up Pakka wood, the material used, and can reliably inform you that it is made from pieces of hardwood veneer combined with plastic resins, giving the look of genuine wood grain, but more waterproof.

Putali ltd. DE Safety Razor men or women
Putali Ltd Safety Razor

The razor measures 4" and weighs in at a medium weight 70g (2.5 ozs).

A 3 part razor, with detachable head for blade replacement, note that blades are not included with this product.

It does, however, come in an attractive, lined wooden box for storage, making it perfect as a stylish-looking, generous gift, for around $25.

This shaving kit includes razor, stand, travel case and 5 razor blades - perfect if you spend a lot of time on the move.

The razor measures 4" and is fairly weighty at 3.2 ozs (90g).

It has a butterfly opening head for easy blade replacement, operated by twisting the end knob.

Elkaline Shaving Kit Unisex stand and travel case
Elkaline Unisex safety razor travel case

The razor is constructed from a durable metal alloy and has a ridged handle for a good grip, even with wet, soapy hands.

The sturdy stand is ideal to keep the razor upright and handy for storage, protecting the head and blade from damage.

The plastic travel case includes a useful little mirror inside the lid.

You get a good little kit for your money if you are not too worried about having a feminine looking razor, at just around $24.

The Steelcut Safety Razor is of classical, sleek looking design, chrome plated with extra long, 4.4" matte finish handle for better reach and grip.

Although a man's razor, it has a slimline elegance which gives it equal appeal to the feminine eye.

Steelcut Double Edge Safety Razor
Steelcut Double edge Safety Razor

The closed comb 3 piece design makes changing the double edged blades easy - simply twist the handle to detach from the head.

The razor is nicely weighted at a fraction over 3 ozs and it comes in a presentation box to make an ideal gift (one blade is included to get you started).

All in all a stylish razor at a surprisingly low price of just $19.

Bambaw Safety Razor

I chose this product because of the durable natural bamboo handle and stainless steel parts, making it an attractive and tactile razor.

The head of this 3 part razor detaches from the handle for easy blade replacement.

Note: blades are not included.

It is a mid-weight, well balanced razor, with a long handle and comes with a code to access the in-depth digital user manual.  The manual includes instructions on product use and disposal of blades as well as shaving tips and 2 shaving cream recipes.

A good looking razor for a budget price of just $17.

Finally, the lowest priced of our selection is this WEISHI long handled butterfly opening razor with a dark grey, gunmetal finish.

The long handle means that the razor measures 11cms in total, and it is lightweight at just 72g (2.53 ozs).

WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor
Weishi Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly opening safety razor

The grooved handle provides a good grip, whilst replacing blades is easy - twist the knob at the bottom and the head opens.

The razor comes in an attractive black box for gift-giving and is complete with 5 double edged razor blades and full instructions.

Equally attractive to ladies and men, it would make a good starter razor for initiating safety shaving novices, at a very reasonable $16. 

Shaving with Safety Razors

There are some great advantages to switching to safety razors as opposed to cartridge razors:

  • Cost - firstly, you will save a large amount of money - double edged safety razor blades are much cheaper than replacement cartridges, plus once you have invested in a decent razor, it should last for years
  • Irritation - once you have perfected the correct technique you will reduce the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs significantly
  • Environment - greatly reduces the environmental impact of the throw-away plastic parts generated by disposables

There is, however, a technique involved and you will need to take it slowly and carefully to start with, until you have mastered the best way.

We have published a complete guide to safety razor shaving for women, so if you are new to shaving or just switching to safety razors do take a look.

Choosing which razor blade to use is another important decision - we would recommend you purchase a variety blade pack so that you can try out various options to see which you prefer.

Or take a look at our razor blade sharpness guide here.


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