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As the name implies, the Tweezerman pointed slant tweezer is designed to feature the popular slant tip for eyebrow shaping, combined with a precision point tip for ingrown and very fine hairs. Manufactured from durable stainless steel they, of course, come with the usual Tweezerman guarantees. Priced at around $17, they do not come cheap, but what they offer is two-in-one flexibility. Overall an OK review.


4.0 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The Tweezerman Professional Pointed Slant tweezer is manufactured in India from surgical grade stainless steel.

​Retailing at around $17 they are towards the top of mid-range in price, although if they are able to combine slant tipped versatility with point-tipped precision, perhaps well worth the price?

The Tweezers have 100% stainless steel finish, with a slightly satiny feel. and boast "hand-filed tips" and "perfect precision".

Shows the Tweezerman Pointed Slant in packaging

What you Get

As you can see, the tweezers come in a rigid plastic box with a formed plastic insert to keep it nice and safe in transit, and are complete with a plastic cap to protect the tips.

There is a small information insert within the box with some brief use and care instructions as follows:

Comes with handy plastic cap - always replace after use for storage to protect tips

  • Always tweeze one hair at a time in the direction of hair growth
  • To increase spring tension gently pull the two halves of the tweezer slightly apart.  Once you have increased the tension, you cannot decrease it.
  • Clean tips after each use
  • Caution: The point of the tweezer is very sharp
  • For any work under the skin, cleanse skin and disinfect tip of tweezer.

​Not really a comprehensive guide!  If you would like more information see our articles:

How to Avoid Ingrown Hairs from Tweezing

How to Remove Ingrown Hairs with Tweezers

How to Pluck your Eyebrows with Tweezers​

Additionally, in the very small print on the back there is a statement about their guarantee: "We stand behind our products and services".  

It goes on to give a web address where details of their free sharpening service and guarantee can be found (I have talked a bit more about this later on).

A Look at the Tweezerman Professional Pointed Slant Tweezer

The sophisticated look and sleek design of the Tweezerman Pointed Slant are much as expected from the Tweezerman Brand.

Shows the size of the tweezers in my hand

​They are finished in stainless steel and the tips feel nice and sharp, as promised.

They measure 9.4 cm from tip to bottom, so very much the same as the acclaimed Tweezerman slant.

They are also similarly weighted - so far so good!​

​So now let's have a look at the important stuff - how they perform in use:

Given that the three key elements that affect the performance and determine the effectiveness of a good pair of tweezers are alignment, tip sharpness and tension, I have looked at these in some detail:


To tell the truth I was a little disappointed in this aspect of the tweezers, especially as I am a fan of Tweezerman tweezers generally.

The reason that perfect alignment is so important is that it means that the tips​ meet properly all the way along the slant, so that you can grab hairs just effectively at either end.

Shows the slant side of the tip - with normal pressure they do not quite meet all the way along

When I squeezed the tweezers together with my usual pressure, I found it difficult to grasp hairs as efficiently as I would like.

I found that, to improve this, it was necessary to exert a little extra pressure to make the tweezer tips meet properly and perform as expected.​

Tip Sharpness

The sharpness of the tips must be sufficient to keep hold of the hair, once grasped, to avoid it slipping when pulled.

This not only prevents a very frustrating experience, but also the risk of hairs breaking just above or below the surface which can lead to ingrown hairs.​

Shows the pointed end of the Tweezerman Pointed Slant - perhaps not as sharp and precise as expected?

My experience of the Tweezerman Pointed Slant tweezers was that, once grasped, they held onto the hair every time and I was able to remove the hair cleanly from the root - so a tick there.

However, the pointed tip of the tweezer is not as pointed as other slanted points that I have looked at.

​There is a bit more about this later, when I have done a comparison with another brand.


Ideally, you want a gentle resistance when squeezing the two arms together.

Shows the Tweezerman Pointed Slant - perfect tension

Tweezers with insufficient resistance would make life pretty impossible - firstly it would be difficult to isolate the hair if both arms were too close together.

Secondly, once the hair was in position it would be impossible to grasp with sufficient pressure to keep hold of it.  All in all, pretty useless!

Conversely, if the tension is too firm it can make it difficult for individuals with any sort of grip or handling issues to use the tweezers for any length of time.​

​As you would expect from a good quality product, I found this pair to be perfectly tensioned and fit for purpose in this respect.

Why Choose Slant or Point Tipped Tweezers

The slant tipped tweezer is generally the most popular because of its versatility and ease of use, and is universally the "weapon of choice" for eyebrow shaping.

The slanted design of the tip follows the contour of the brow and can be easily angled to run parallel to the face, making it easy to grasp and remove hairs in the direction of natural growth.

They can also be flipped over to use the pointed end when more precision is needed e.g. to isolate a particularly fine hair.​

From left to right, Tweezerman Slant, Point and Pointed Slant Tips

The point tipped tweezer has needle-sharp points for ultra-precise use.  They are really the best for removing ingrown hairs or splinters and the like from just under the skin.

The photograph shows the slant, pointed and pointed slant tips - the pointed slant purports to combine and give the best of both worlds.

In truth, as you can see, they are more slanted than the usual slant-tipped and not as needle-sharp as the point-tipped​.

For my money, and I am speaking purely from personal preference as some people swear by the pointed-slant design, I would prefer to spend a bit more and have two pairs, one for each specific purpose.

Guarantees and Customer Service

Tweezerman provide a free sharpening service for the life of their tweezers providing they have become dull through normal use.

In order to take advantage of their offer you need to go to their website and print and complete the form there to send together with your tweezers in an appropriate mailer to the NY address provided.

They will also provide you with a 50% off coupon for the purchase of a comparable new pair of tweezers if they find that yours have become too old to be re-sharpened.

So How does the Tweezerman Pointed Slant Compare?

I had a look at the Tweezerman Pointed Slant in comparison to the fairly similarly priced Slice Combo Point to see how they stacked up:


In terms of the all-important alignment, I felt that the Slice version just had the edge.​

Shows the difference in alignment - Tweezerman are shown left and Slice on the right

See the picture - using normal pressure you can see that the Slice edges meet more perfectly all the way along.


In terms of sharpness, both had sharp, hand-filed edges that grasped the hair firmly.

Shows Tweezerman left and Slice right - it is clear to see that the Slice Combo is the sharper and mmore pointed of the two

However, when it came to the pointed tips once again, surprisingly, the Slice came out on top.​


A comparison of the tension of the two, in my view, gave the edge to Tweezerman - the Slice had a markedly firmer tension which is not to my liking.

Se the gaps? From these you can see why the tension on the Slice tweezer (shown right) is firmer

I have mild arthritis in my fingers and using a firmer tensioned pair of tweezers for any length of time can add to the discomfort.

Other Considerations

The grip and feel of the Slice tweezer is really good - it has a rubberised soft-touch coating which I really appreciate and a wide grip design, which makes it easier to hold and control than the Tweezerman.

The Tweezerman just pips the Slice on cost, retailing at around $3 less.

Additionally Tweezerman have their 50% coupon offer and free sharpening service to add value to the product.

For more information about the Slice pointed slant tip see our full review:

Slice Combo Tip Tweezer Review

Things we Liked

  • Guarantee and Sharpening Service - Only Tweezerman offer a free sharpening service for the life of your tweezers
  • 50% Coupon - offered if your tweezers are not able to be sharpened, to purchase a new comparable product
  • Tip Protector - plastic cap provided
  • Value for Money - retailing at around $17 dollars, not cheap but good quality and includes guarantees plus the confidence of buying a well-respected Brand
  • Sharp Hand-Filed Slant - once hair is grasped avoids slipping

Things we didn't Like

  • Alignment - A little extra pressure required when squeezing to ensure slant meets all the way along
  • Pointed Tip - could be more pointed, although still effective, not the best we have found

Our Final Thoughts

In comparison to other Tweezerman tweezers that I have reviewed I found these to be rather disappointing.

As a preference, I feel that I would prefer to pay the extra to have two good, well designed pairs of tweezers for specific uses.

Having said this, there are fans of the pointed slant design who swear by them and who prefer them to regular slant tweezers.

So, if you are in the market for a pair of pointed slants and are a fan of Tweezerman tweezers, these may well represent a satisfactory purchase for you.​


For the past 12 months, I have been testing and playing with all sorts of hair removal products for Hair Free Life. My goal is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date hair removal consumer information on the internet. When I'm not photographing, reviewing and researching hair removal products I play the drums in a samba band and am a volunteer for the Swindon Lions! Got any questions? Write to us below: