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One of the well-known and respected Tweezerman range, this tweezer features a wide body for easy grip and added control. Manufactured from stainless steel with hand-finished slanted tips to grasp hair firmly and securely for a good, clean finish. Overall, a good design especially for anyone who finds gripping a normal tweezer body, for any length of time, difficult


4 out of 5 Stars


The Tweezerman Professional Wide Grip Slant Steel is manufactured in India from stainless steel and has a special wide grip design feature, which promises to aid grip and control.

In line with other tweezers in the Tweezerman range, this product features hand-filed tips ​for maximum precision.

Although not the cheapest on the market, they are available at a price point of between $15 - $20 which, in my opinion, represents pretty good value for money for this quality product.

This is how it arrives - in good substantial packaging!

What you get

The product comes packaged in a rigid perspex box, with a formed plastic insert to keep the tweezers nice and safe.  Also complete with plastic tip protector.

The enclosed leaflet gives, in very small print, an extremely brief description for use and care of the product as follows:​

  • Hold tweezer at oval cut-out to ensure proper alignment
  • Always tweeze one hair at a time in direction of hair growth
  • Clean tips after use

As you can see - pretty sparse if you are not familiar with good tweezing routines!

Use the plastic tip cover to protect the tips when not in use

I have added a small section later about care and use of tweezers, just in case anyone would like a bit more "meat on the bones".

In the​ very, very small print on the back they mention their free sharpening service and guarantee and give their web address where you can go to find more details.

They will even send you a 50% off voucher if they are not able to sharpen them.

​What a great hidden bonus! - no wonder Tweezerman has such a large, loyal fan-base of customers.

There are other, baked enamel coated versions of the Tweezerman Wide Grip available​ in different colours aside from the steel that we chose; black, blue and red.

Tweezerman also offer the same wide grip design with pointed tips​.

A Look at the Tweezerman Professional Wide Body

Straight off the bat, I loved the idea of these tweezers because of their wide grip;  As someone who has mild arthritis in my fingers, holding tweezers for any length of time can cause pain and stiffness.

The look and feel of these great little tweezers when I opened the packaging certainly did nothing to disappoint me.

Shows the size of the tweezers in my (small) hand

They measure 8.4 cm from tip to bottom, so a little more than 1 cm shorter than the standard Tweezerman Slant, but are very slightly heavier.  The slanted tip is also fractionally shorter.

The maximum width of the wide grip part is 2.6cm - the picture above gives you an idea of how that translates "in the hand".​

In use, I found them to be well aligned and tensioned and effectively gripped the hair with no slipping.​

See how well the tips are aligned?

The correct alignment is a very important feature of good tweezer design because it means that the tweezers are able to grab hair at either end of the slant, and the hair does not slip when pulled.​

So - did I find them easier to grip? - actually yes, they were more comfortable and gave good control, although my personal preference is for the slightly longer shank of the regular Tweezerman Slant​

Why Choose Slant Tips?

Slant tipped tweezers are the style of choice for so many professionals due to their versatility and ease of use.

Slanted tips can be held parallel to brow - easier to tweeze in the direction of hair growth

When shaping eyebrows, the slanted flat side is easy to position parallel to the contour of the face, grasping the hair to pull in the direction of the hair's growth.  This is so important as it minimises the risk of hairs being broken above the surface of the skin instead of being plucked cleanly from the root.

Conversely, the tweezer can be turned over to use the pointed end when more precision is required.​

Care and Use

I have outlined a few tips for use and care of your tweezers to get the best results, minimise pain and prolong their life:

  • Ensure skin is clean and exfoliated prior to use
  • Tweeze after a warm shower, to open pores
  • Sanitize tweezers before use (and after) with a suitable antibacterial agent such as rubbing alcohol
  • Grasp the hair as close as possible to the skin without exerting pressure
  • Pluck firmly in the direction of hair growth
  • Replace plastic tip protector and store in a safe place
  • A soothing lotion may be applied to the area after tweezing, such as Aloe Vera

It is important to avoid dropping the tweezers as this is likely to put them out of alignment.

For more advice and information about how to shape eyebrows see our article: Eyebrow Hair Removal, Shaping, Tweezing and Threading

Consumer Feedback

The Tweezerman Professional Stainless Steel Wide Grip Slant achieves a rating on Amazon of 4 stars out of 5.  This is, however, from only 67 reviews which, in the scheme of things is only really sufficient to show that the trend is towards satisfaction.

​Of these 67, only 64% actually rated the product with a top 5 star score and 29% rated 3 stars or less.

It would seem that in the majority of the poor reviews they are being compared with other Tweezerman tweezers and being found wanting.

Of the good reviews many feel, as indeed I do, that the wide grip is a good feature and does help with grip and control.​

Customer Service

​As previously mentioned, Tweezerman provide a free sharpening service for the life of their tweezers and to take advantage of this you need to go their website where you will find a form to complete.

The completed form must be sent, together with your tweezers, in a padded mailer to the address in NY provided.

 This, of course, comes with the caviat that​ it is only offered if the tweezers have become dull through normal use and are not damaged.

​If they find that they are unable to sharpen them due to damage or because the tips are too thin from re-sharpening, they will send you a 50% off coupon for you to purchase a comparable replacement pair.

Things we Liked

  • Value for money quality - This is a good quality product for the price
  • Versatile - provides slanted tip versatility
  • Comfort Grip - wide grip design means these tweezers are easier to hold, especially for those with difficulty
  • Good Control - wide grip helps provide better control
  • Service - free sharpening service provided (or 50% off coupon)

Things we didn't Like

  • Lack of information - Would be good if it included full care and use instructions on leaflet
  • No cover - a protective holder to store product in would be a handy addition

Our Final Thoughts

I like these tweezers with their cut-out thumb grip and would certainly recommend them, especially for anyone who has any issues with grip or control with their regular tweezers.

They are efficient and easy to use, gripping hair consistently and firmly to remove cleanly from the root.  Really all you can ask for in a pair of tweezers!

Although not the cheapest, they represent good value for money, when you consider that a well cared for, good quality pair of tweezers​ should last for many years.


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