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These tweezers, from the ever-popular "Tweezerman" Brand have a great feel to them, are comfortable to hold and easy to grip with their matt finish coating. Manufactured from stainless steel, they are both durable and precise. Many great customer comments - thoroughly recommended


4.4 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

The Slant Tip Tweezer from Tweezerman are manufactured from stainless steel and coated with an enamel colour finish in a range of colours to suit all tastes.

​They are a good quality tweezer for the price, boasting perfect alignment and hand filed tips to improve precision and ensure hairs are consistently grabbed firmly.  

At a retail price of less than $20, this product offers great value for money in comparison with other tweezers on the market of similar quality.

The Tweezerman Slant Tip in its packaging

What you Get

The packaging is adequate to ensure that the tweezers are not damaged in transit and they come complete with a handy plastic cap to protect the tips.  ​

There is a small leaflet included, with a brief outline of use and care as follows:

  • Tweeze one hair at a time in the direction of hair growth
  • Use the SLANT side for general tweezing
  • Turn the tweezer to use the point side where more precision is required
  • Tension can be increased by gently pulling the two halves of the tweezer apart slightly - this cannot be reversed so take care!
  • Clean tips after use 

Use the cover provided to protect the tips of your tweezers to prolong their life

I feel the information provided is a bit sparse and would add a couple of other use and care recommendations of my own:

Firstly, you should clean tips before use as well as after with a rubbing alcohol.

Secondly make sure they are stored safely, with plastic cap on tip

Thirdly, be careful not to drop the tweezers as this may damage them and affect the alignment.​

There is a lifelong sharpening service offered by Tweezerman, but I was surprised to find no mention of this in the package information as I feel it is a good bonus and well worth taking into account when considering your next purchase.  I have included a bit more detail about this further on, in the guarantees section.

​There are several other colours available apart from the black that we chose:  Blooming Lilac, Blue Jewel, Geranium (a sort of dusky pink), Neon Pink, Red, Regency (silver colour, with a pattern), Signature Red, Sky Blue and Steel

There is also a funky looking Animal Print version which is ​rather fun - and would certainly stand out in your cosmetic purse!

A Look at the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

Shows the size of the Tweezers in my hand - a perfect fit!

The overall first impression of the Slant Tip Tweezer is one of good quality, with a sleek and unfussy ​ appeal.

​The product measures 9.5 cm from tip to bottom and sits very comfortably in my, admittedly small, hand.

Although light in weight, it is not a flimsy tweezer and I just love the great feel that its matt finished enamel coating gives.  It serves to give a good grip, not provided by bare stainless steel, and also provides a "warmer"effect.

See how perfectly the tips are aligned?

Aside from its good looks I found the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer to be easy to use and very efficient.

The alignment, which is such an important element of a good pair of tweezers, seemed perfect and allowed me to grasp even the finest stray hairs consistently.

The reason the alignment is so important is that it means that the tweezer can grab hair at each end of the slant, as well as all the way along.​

The level of tension was just right, however, it is worth noting from the instructions, that if the tension needs to be increased it can be done if you are careful.

The slanted tip tweezer is by far the most popular to use, and these did not disappoint in any way.

Why Choose Slant Tipped Tweezers

Having made the statement that slant tipped tweezers are the most popular, I thought it would be worth adding in a paragraph about the reasons for this - just in case you were wondering!

​In a nutshell, slant tipped tweezers are the best all-rounders - the flat edge can be angled parallel to the skin to catch stray, fine hairs or even more than one hair at a time, whilst the pointed tip can be used for precision shaping of brows by plucking individual hairs.

For information on how to shape your eyebrows when tweezing see our article: ​Eyebrow Hair Removal, Shaping, Tweezing and Threading

Slanted tips - universally recommended for all round use


Tweezerman are a highly regarded Brand, with many long-standing repeat customers, borne out by the number of positive reviews we have found all over the internet.  

The Tweezerman Slant Tip Tweezer has won an Allure "Best of Beauty" award for 14 years, as proudly testified by the award sticker on the packaging.

Instyle have the Tweezerman Slant Tip listed as "Best Tweezer​ 2015" in its Best Beauty Buys.

It has also won ​Launchpad and Nailpro Readers Choice Awards (2014).

Good Housekeeping put this product top out of 33 in its Best Tweezers research and evaluation.

Consumer Feedback

A look at product reviews on Amazon show that the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer achieves 4.4 stars out of 5 from a mighty 1,124 customer reviews.  Of these 74% gave the top rating of 5 stars.

Many of the comments appear to be from happy, loyal customers who return to Tweezerman products, which is always a good sign!

Obviously, there are also a few poor reviews, as there always are, but only 5% give just one star.​


As previously mentioned, Tweezerman provide a free sharpening service for the life of all their tweezers so long as they have become dull through what they term "normal use" i.e. not damaged.

In order to take advantage of this, you need to go to their website and fill in a form to send together with your tweezers in a padded mailing envelope to the address provided there (NY).​

Additonally, if they are unable to be sharpened due to damage, they will provide you with a coupon enabling you to purchase a comparable new pair of tweezers at half price.​

So How Does the Tweezerman Slant Tip Compare?

This is, in my opinion, a pretty high end product for a mid-range price.

There are literally hundreds of different makes and styles of tweezers on the market, so to compare them all would be nigh on impossible.  However, looking at similar slant tipped tweezers in roughly the same price bracket, it is hard to find any better.

Take, for example, the Classic Slant Tip Steel Tweezer from rubis, a comparable product from another well known, popular Brand in the industry.  

I found that they were very similar in terms of size and shape although I preferred the feel of the coated Tweezerman tweezers.  However, although I was looking at a stainless steel pair, rubis also offer coated versions of their tweezer.

Both sets of tweezers grabbed and held onto the hairs efficiently without slipping.

The only real difference between them that I can see is that the slant edge of the rubis is slightly​ smaller than the Tweezerman, so not quite as easy to grab those errant fine hairs perhaps?

When it comes to cost, the rubis tweezer comes in at around $10 more than the Tweezerman.

The big bonus with the Tweezerman, though, is the free sharpening service and half price replacement offer, which I have not been able to find for any other tweezers at that price.

​For complete review see our article: Rubis Classic Slanted Tip Tweezer Review

Things we Liked

  • Value for Money - A good quality product for under $20 which, if cared for correctly, should last for many years
  • Versatile - the slant tip offers the "best of both worlds" in terms of ease and precision
  • Free Sharpening - service provided by manufacturer
  • 50% Coupon - to replace damaged tweezers unable to be sharpened
  • Comfortable - good grip, consistent results
  • Protection for tip - plastic tip cover included

Things we didn't Like

  • Lack of information - Free sharpening service not mentioned in information sheet - need to go online
  • No Cover - although a plastic tip cover is included, it would be good to have a protective sleeve or pouch to store the tweezers in to avoid damage

Our Final Thoughts​

It is fair to say that there are many cheaper tweezers available, but it is important that they are of sufficiently good quality that they grip the hair and don't slip in use.  It can be a very frustrating and painful process!

Personally, I have been really impressed with these tweezers and would certainly recommend them.  Although not the cheapest, they are far from being the most expensive and offer very good value for money.​

A well looked after, good quality pair of tweezers should last for many years and so really the investment, for what you get, is relatively small.  


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