Eyebrow Hair Removal, Shaping, Tweezing and Threading

Finding the perfect method for eyebrow modification is very important, because the eyebrow shape can significantly alter the appearance of a man's or woman's face. A correctly shaped eyebrow arch can make your face look more attractive.

In this guide you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about eyebrow modification. ​

How to Shape your Eyebrows​ at Home

Although it may seem complex at first, you can easily pick up the technique of eyebrow shaping with a little practice and a good mirror. The good news is that you don't need to do this procedure every time you want to remove the unwanted hairs from your eyebrow - once you've created the perfect shape, you only need to maintain it.

​Before starting to remove the hairs, you need to know where you shouldn't remove any hair from. For this part, you will need an eyebrow pencil which also has a brush in the end. Drawing an outline where the brows should stay ensures that you will not remove too much hair.

Eyebrow Shaping Illustration

The starting point

This point should start right in line above your nose bridge and the inner corner of your eye. Hold the pencil vertically next to the bridge of your nose in a way that the pencil also crosses the inner corner of your eye.  This is line 1) in the diagram on the left.

With the eyebrow pencil, mark the point where the line crosses your eyebrow. It should be about an inch above your eye corner. Do the same on your other eyebrow - this is the perfect distance between your eyebrows.  

The ideal length

 Put the pencil back to your nostril and line it up with the outer corner of your eye. Your eyebrows should end where the pencil crosses them - mark this point with the eyebrow pencil.  This is line 3) on the diagram.

The right arch

 This can be measured with the help of a pencil, too. Put it back to your nostril, and this time make a line with the outer rim of your iris. Mark the point with the eyebrow pencil where the line crosses your eyebrow. This it where the highest point should be.  This is line 2) on the diagram.

Tweezing on male eyebrows

​If you divide your eyebrow in three parts, the highest point should be in the last third. If it falls to the centre, you will always look surprised, if it is too close to the end, it will make you look bored. 

The starting point and the end should be at the same height - you can check it with the straight edge of the pencil.

Now you have three marked points on each eyebrows - join them up, make the line as thin or thick as you want, and brush it outwards and upwards with the brushing end of the eyebrow pencil. You will need to remove every strand out of the pre-drawn territory, especially the ones below the line.

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​Why is the shaping procedure so important? 

  • First of all, this method helps you to keep your eyebrows symmetrical. While you are removing hair from your eyebrows, you only see a part of your face in the mirror (especially if it is a magnifying mirror), so it is difficult to keep the same shape. If your eyebrows are pre-drawn, you only need to follow the line, so you can't go wrong.
  • Eyebrows have an important function in communication. ​They strengthen expressions like boredom, surprise, disagreement, anger - you can even flirt with them. A wrongly shaped pair of eyebrows can transfer a different message than your intentions and it can lead to misunderstandings.
  • A well-shaped pair of eyebrows is like finding the perfect frame for a picture - it makes your face look much more attractive.

Eyebrow Hair Removal

Now you know which part of the brow to remove - here is a guide on ​which method you should use and what you should avoid. You can either do the hair removal yourself or go to a professional.

Eyebrow Hair Removal Recommendations:

In the Home

Although you can only reach a permanent solution in a clinic, eyebrows are often treated in the home. It is fast, cheap and the methods can be learnt easily.

Tweezing - The most popular way for self eyebrow hair removal. Only a pair of tweezers is needed which can be purchased at a low price, there is no further cost. It works by pulling out each hair one by one from the follicles, therefore this is the most accurate temporary hair removal method. The hair doesn't grow back thicker after tweezing. This method requires precision so a magnifying mirror can be useful. The result lasts from a few days to a week.

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Threading - This ancient Indian method has been used for centuries in the Eastern world and is becoming more and more popular in the Western countries nowadays. Although it may be more painful than tweezing, it has several benefits: it is highly accurate, fast and extremely cheap: all you need is a piece of thread. It removes the hair from the roots. The result lasts from two to six weeks.

At a Professional Clinic

Electrolysis - The only FDA approved permanent hair removal method. It is the most ideal for small treatment areas just like the eyebrows and it is very precise. An average electrolysis session would take an hour or less and the follow up treatments would be no more than 15-30 minutes. 

What We Don't Recommend:

Laser Hair Removal - As the eyes are very close to the treatment area, this method can be very dangerous. Besides, laser hair removal devices are better for larger treatment areas and don't have the necessary precision for eyebrow hair removal.

Depilatory Creams - It is difficult to use depilatory creams with high precision, besides, it is not recommended to have such strong chemicals that close to your eyes.

Waxing - Although it is very often applied to the eyebrow area even by beauticians, it is not enough by itself because of its lack of precision. Use hard wax to remove hair from the larger areas (e.g. the unibrow area) and then correct it with tweezers. Trying to shape your eyebrows with wax is difficult, although there are pre-shaped, small brow shaper strips available now to make the process easier.

Shaving / Trimming - Targeting the treatment area with precision is very difficult and shaping is not possible with a razor / trimmer. Besides, after shaving, the hair grows back coarser and darker, ruining the natural look of your eyebrows.

Threading as a Method of Hair Removal

Threading requires a lot of practice and attention. However, it has many benefits: it is much faster and cheaper than tweezing and it is highly accurate.

For this method, you will only need a piece of sewing thread (polyester or cotton). It should be about 11 inches long, although it depends on how big your hands are.  The right length is that the length that is the most comfortable for your hands when performing the threading action.

Preparing the Thread

​Tie up the ends of the thread and make sure the knot won't open by itself. Cut down the remaining pieces of thread over the knot.

Put two of your fingers (usually index finger and thumb) from both hands into the circle you've just created. Twist it about 4-5 times so that it forms an 'X​' . You created a knot in the middle of the circle - this is the part that will remove the hairs. The thread is ready to use now. 

Hair Removal with the Thread

​Make sure you don't lose the 'X' shape of the thread. Put you thumb and index finger in each hole.

As you open your fingers on one hand, the knot is going to move towards the other hand - this is going to be the direction of the hair removal. The strands get stuck in the little holes in the knot and by the fast movement they are pulled out from their roots.

​Look into a mirror and place your hands in the same position with the thread to your eyebrow. For the first time, don't put it very close to the area where you don't want to remove hair. Move in the opposite direction to the hair growth by opening your fingers on the hand which is closer to the end of your eyebrow. Move slowly - it will move faster that you anticipate.

After threading, your skin may turn red and feel inflamed. Soothe the treated area with after wax lotion.


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