Ultrasonic Face Spatulas for Home Use – 5 of the Best

Ultrasonic face spatulas are commonly used in salons, but now there are many products on the market for you to use regularly in the comfort of your own home.

We have taken a look at the five best we could find, ranging in price from $40 - $150, to suit all pockets.

Whilst the devices used in salons may be more powerful, the DIY spatulas available do work well and over time, will improve the skin's appearance and save you a lot of money.

Our Picks

KINGA Facial Scrubber Ultrasonic Spatula

Rechargeable ultrasonic face spatula for cleansing, exfoliating and removing blackheads and whiteheads.  Two modes.  Low cost at around $40 online.

ELEVEN EVER Facial Skin Scrubber

Ultrasonic Face Spatula, rechargeable using USB cable (included) for cordless convenient use.  Cleanses, tones and aids penetration for around $42

Kingdom Cares Facial Scrubber

This rechargeable, cordless ultrasonic spatula/scrubber has 3 modes for cleansing, absorption and skin tightening.  Available online around $48.

COSBEAUTY Ultrasonic Waterproof Skin Scrubber Spatula

Lightweight, IPX5 waterproof spatula device with convenient wireless charging, three functions all in one.  Available online for around $75.

Labelle Ultrasonic Face Spatula

This devices oscillates at 30,000 Hz, with 2 modes, scrubber and infusion. Rechargeable, cordless use, 30 day money back guarantee, currently $149.

A Closer Look at the Products

KINGA is a provider of personal care and beauty products with a manufacturing base in China.

What you get:

  • Kinga Ultrasonic Spatula Device Model KD-8020
  • USB Charging Lead
  • Instruction Leaflet

The set comes complete with a light plastic storage box.

The first thing to note is that a plug is not included with the device so you will need to buy one with a USB input, as you would use for your mobile phone etc.

The device is quite light and slim at 150 mm from tip to bottom, with 45 mm in width and 15 mm depth.

Kinga Facial Scrubber
Kinga Facial Scrubber Controls

There are two modes; the ultrasonic vibration mode, used for cleansing and deep absorption and the PAD mode, used for skin tightening.

The on/off button is in the centre of the operating pad, with plus and minus options which select either the cleansing or absorption functions respectively.

The PAD button is used for the skin tightening function.

The red lights in the panel above the operating pad illuminate to show which function you have selected, or when the device is on charge.

A full charge takes around 3 hours (after the initial charge) for 20 minutes operation - a full face treatment will take around 3 - 5 minutes once you are used to the process.

The stainless steel spatula vibrates at 28,000 Hz.

This product represents good value for money at just $40 and stacks up fairly well against other, more expensive models - a good choice on a budget.

The one downside is that the written instructions provided with it are not very comprehensive.

What you get:

  • Skin Scrubber 
  • USB Charging Cable (plug not included) 
  • User Manual

The scrubber comes complete with a cap for storage.

The charger does not come with a plug so you will need to buy one with a USB inlet.

This device is similar, but slightly larger than the KINGA model at 170 mm length, 44 mm width and 16mm depth.

Eleven Ever facial scrubber and lead
Eleven Ever Facial Scrubber Operation button

There are two different modes for cleansing and exfoliation or absorption and firming.

There is also a choice of low or high frequency, with the device operating at a maximum vibration of 24,000 Hz.

Operation is simple and clear, using the operation pad, with 3 lights below to indicate setting selected.

Similarly priced to the KINGA model above, also good value for money, currently at around $42 online.

What you get:

  • Kingdom Cares Skin Scrubber Model KC-7020
  • Power Adaptor (pictured) or USB Cable (new version)
  • Instruction Manual
Kingdom Cares Facial Scrubber in the box

The scrubber doesn't have a storage box, but comes with a protection cap for the blade.

The version pictured shows a power cord adaptor, but if it is the newer version it comes with a USB cable (the only difference).

Kingdom Cares Facial Scrubber parts

There are 3 distinct modes of operation:

Skin cleansing (+ key) - using the spatula angled down to the skin, with water or toner to cleanse and clean the pores.

Skin tightening (PAD button) - using the flat side of the spatula function and patting mode.

Absorption (- key) - using the flat side in conjunction with moisturizers or toners to improve their depth of absorption into the skin, for maximum effect.

The stainless steel blade vibrates at 220 kHz and the product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Currently available online for an affordable price tag of around $48.

What you get:

  • Facial Scrubber Spatula
  • Charging Cradle and Lead
  • User Manual

The COSBEAUTY ultrasonic skin scrubber is designed in Japan and made in China.

Available currently for around $75, it is in the mid-range price bracket.

This device has the advantage of a charging cradle, for cordless charging and is shower spray waterproof (should not be immersed).

COSBEAUTY Ultrasonic Waterproof Skin Scrubber Spatula
Cosbeauty Facial Scrubber in action

It is attractively designed, lightweight, with a choice of pink or gold colour.

Similar to the other models, it is multifunctional, with 3 separate modes for cleansing, firming and penetration of skincare products.

The scrubber comes complete with a cap to protect the blade in storage.

What you get:

  • Labelle Device
  • Charging Adaptor
  • User Manual

The device comes with a plastic storage case.

The Trophy Skin Labelle ultrasonic facial skin scrubber has a stainless steel spatula oscillating at 30,000 Hz, the most powerful of those we have looked at, but also the most expensive, at around $149.

The product comes with a one year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

Labelle Trophy Skin Facial Scrubber with box
Labelle trophy skin facial scrubber controls

There are two modes - the skin scrubber mode for exfoliation and extracting white and blackheads, and the infusion mode to aid penetration of moisturizers or toners.

Pressing the button once will put the device in scrubber mode, and the top icon will light up.

Pressing again will change it to infusion mode, when the bottom icon will light to confirm which mode you are in.

Pressing the button for a third time will turn the device off - so very simple to use.

What are the Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Skin Spatulas?

The benefits of exfoliation as part of your skincare routine are well known and explained fully in our guide to skin exfoliation.

Using an ultrasonic skin spatula for exfoliation purposes has some specific benefits when looked at in comparison to other methods:

  • Non - Abrasive - ultrasonic face spatulas are gentle and non-aggressive and less likely to cause microscopic skin tears common with abrasive methods such as scrubs or electronic microdermabrasion.
  • No Side Effects - other than a possible, very transient, mild pinkness of the skin, there are no side effects associated with the use of facial skin spatulas - possibly one reason why they are commonly used in salons as part of facial treatments.
  • Suits Sensitive Skin - because it is such a gentle process, sensitive skin can tolerate the treatment well, even skin with rosacea.
  • Extractions - the vibrations of the spatula can be used to extract black and whiteheads and clear the pores of excess oil buildup
  • check
    Hygienic - very easy to wipe the spatula clean and to keep it sanitized - much easier than brushes, for example.

For more information about ultrasonic face spatulas and how they work and how to use them see our complete guide.


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