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One of a large range of hair removal products from the well-known and respected Veet Brand, this pre-waxed strip kit is specifically for use on legs and body. Specially formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin, the strips are a good size for removing hair from large areas quickly. Available from around $8 for 40 strips, including 6 post-treatment finishing wipes, this is a good value-for-money product.


3.9 out of 5 Stars

Product Overview

Veet Wax Strip Kit legs and body

This product from the ever popular Veet range is manufactured in France and promises to effectively remove hair from as short as 1.5mm.

Consisting of 20 double-sided strips (to make 40 in total), the strips are pre-waxed and ready to use on legs and body.

They just need to be warmed between your hands to soften the wax and they are ready for use - no mess, no fuss.

The strips are a good size for larger areas and can be used anywhere - so perfect to take with you when travelling.

They are dye free, formulated for use on sensitive skin and contain almond oil and vitamin E for their moisturising qualities.  They are not suitable for facial hair, but  Veet do produce a separate wax strip kit for facial use.

Also included are six individually wrapped finishing wipes for use after treatment, to remove any wax residue and leave the skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Contents of the Box

Veet Wax STrip Kit legs and body in the box

Contents of the box - instructions are printed on the outside of the box

  • 20 double-sided, pre-waxed strips (making 40 in all)
  • 6 individual post-treatment finishing wipes

Full instructions are printed on the box.

A Look at the Product

Each strip is double-sided with the wax being sandwiched between two semi-opaque white backing papers.

Veet Wax Strip

Wax strip - rounded at one end

The wax area of each strip is 130mm X 30mm, and once they are pulled apart, you have two usable wax strips​ that are a good size for treating larger areas such as the legs nice and quickly.

​The wax is gently and pleasantly fragranced, and is softened by simply warming between your hands prior to separating the strips.

They are separated using the rounded end which acts as a tab, and this is also grasped when pulling the strips off in use.

There are markings printed on the strips at 1.5mm wide and 1/16" wide so that you can check that the hair is long enough for them to be effective.​

The six wipes are individually packaged in sachets and are well steeped with oil, with a sweet slightly citrus scent.​  

They are ideal for removing any remaining wax traces and to leave the skin soothed following treatment.

Veet Wax Strip Kit - finishing wipe


Below is the list of ingredients for both the wax strips and wipes, photographed straight from the box, to check for any known allergies.

Veet Wax Strip kit wipes ingredients
Veet wax strips - wax ingredients

Always conduct a skin test 24 hours prior to carrying out any treatment.

This can be done by applying wax to a small ​patch of the area you will be treating, following the usage instructions, and then wiping with a finishing wipe.

If you do not experience any adverse reaction after 24 hours, you may proceed with the full treatment.

The skin test should be carried out prior to every use, even if you have had no previous problems as allergies can develop at any time.​

Where Can it be Used?

The strips can be used for legs, arms, underarms and the bikini- line.

They should not be used on the face, scalp, other areas of the body or on moles, scars, warts or varicose veins.

Do not use on ​irritated, sunburnt,broken or otherwise compromised skin or if you have had adverse reactions to similar products in the past.

You should not use waxing for hair removal if:

You have diabetes, are taking oral retinoids or are receiving medical treatment for any skin related disorder​

If in any doubt, seek medical advice prior to use​

How to Use the Product

The strips are very simple to use:

Veet Ready to use Wax Strips

Pull strip back, as close to skin as possible, against hair growth

  • Rub the strip gently between your hands until the wax warm, to soften it and making it easy to separate
  • Using the the rounded "tab" end of the strips, pull them gently apart to give two waxing strips
  • Place the strip over the area to be treated, in the direction of hair's growth and press gently in place by rubbing down in the same direction 2 or 3 times
  • Holding the tab in one hand and pulling the skin taut with the other, quickly and firmly pull the strip back on itself, against the direction of hair growth, keeping as close to the skin as possible
  • Remove wax residue with a finishing wipe

You can reuse each strip until it loses its effectiveness

Tips and Precautions

Veet Wax Strip Kit - marking on strip

1.5mm marking on strip to check hair length

  • Hair Length - should be between 1.5mm and 5mm.  If it is longer, trim prior to waxing.
  • Patch test - always test your skin for adverse reactions 24 hours prior to use
  • Post treatment - after waxing wait for 24 hours before using anti-perspirant, perfume or make up on the treated area.  Wait 24 hours before sunbathing or swimming.
  • Waxing novice? - if you are a first time waxer, it is a good idea to start with the legs to get used to the feeling and perfect your technique, before moving onto more sensitive areas of the body
  • Avoid repeat waxing - it is best not to wax the same area more than once in any one session to lessen the risk of irritation
  • Taut skin - make sure to hold the skin as taut as possible with your free hand
  • Speed - zip the strip off as quickly as possible, do not try and remove it slowly or it will be ineffective
  • Instructions - make sure you keep the box for the instructions and make sure to read them thoroughly, especially all the precautions, prior to each use.

How Effective is it?

I found it worked really well for me on legs and arms, and I was able to use the strips twice before they became ineffective, although the first time was definitely the best.

Generally there are mixed reviews available online, one recurring comment seems to be that there is more wax residue left than with other products.

I have to say that this was not my experience, although there was a little, which was easily removed with the wipes provided.​

Why Choose Waxing for Hair Removal?

Waxing is an ever popular choice for hair removal, especially if your choice is for an at-home option.

The other comparable options for effective hair removal at home are shaving, depilatories and tweezing.

So why choose waxing? - every method has its pros and cons, but here we have listed the advantages of waxing over the other methods: 

Lasting Results - waxing involves pulling hair out from the root and therefore the results self evidently last longer than shaving or depilatory creams, which only remove hair from the skin's surface.

Quick and Easy - waxing enables you to remove multiple hairs at once and so you can cover large areas more quickly than tweezing or even epilating.

Inexpensive and Versatile - at home wax kits are available for most parts of the body nowadays, with a range of costs to suit all pockets. 

Regrowth - hair regrowth gradually becomes lighter and finer over time, with regular use, unlike the stubbly effect often experienced with shaving.

Product Q & A's

It says 40 strips on the box, but there are only 20?

Each strip consists of wax between 2 sheets, warm the wax between your hands and pull apart gently, which will give you 2 waxing strips.  So there are 40 in all.

Can you use each strip more than once?

Yes, in one session you can reuse the strip until it loses its stickiness.

Can you use it on your face?

No - this product is not designed for use on the face, just legs, arms, underarms and bikini-line

Do you have to warm in a microwave?

No, you simply warm gently between your hands until the wax softens and the strips can be easily pulled apart​

Can you use this product on underarm hair?

Yes you can - just be sure to hold the skin nice and taut - and you may wish to rub a little baby powder into the area first.  Don't use deodorant for 24 hours after waxing.​

How long does the hair have to be?

Anything from 1.5mm minimum to 5mm maximum.​  If it is too long, trim with scissors first


I like the simplicity of this product - no need to heat, no mess and very easy to use.

I readily admit that my hair is relatively fine and not thick, and I found that these strips worked very well for me on both arms and legs.

It is important to follow the correct method, making sure to hold skin as taut as possible and pulling off against hair growth as close to the skin as possible.  

It is a good product for removing hair that is pretty short (1.5mm) and the price is affordable.  

Personally, I would get around 10 pairs of half- leg treatments from one box, but if you had thicker, coarser hair that would be reduced.  Even so, at less than $8 for the box of 40 strips, it is well worth trying.

Things we Liked

  • Inexpensive - at around $8 for 40 strips
  • Finishing Wipes - well steeped in oil, to remove wax residue after use
  • Short Regrowth - effective on hair from 1.5mm
  • Easy to Use - no heating, no mess, no fuss
  • Quick - good sized strips for covering large areas quickly

Things we didn't Like

  • No separate instruction leaflet - The instructions are all on the box, so you need to retain it - some of them are in very small type
  • Only 6 wipes - you will likely need to purchase more for the 40 strips provided

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