What Really Happens During an Electrolysis Session?

Use the links below to jump to the relevant section about what you can expect from a session of electrolysis:-

1. The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation involves meeting with the practitioner and running through to check things like:-

  • Expectations
  • Medical Clearance
  • Skin examination
  • Any other questions that the customer has
  • Build a relationship / trust

Identifying your Needs

The first step in the initial consultation is for you, as the customer, to identify what results you would like to achieve from the treatment.  You'll need to describe the area of the body from which you want the hair removed and the type of results you are looking for (permanent removal or permanent reduction).

Skin Examination

Once the practitioner has identified your needs, he/she will need to take a look at the area of skin that is to be treated in order to ensure that the electrolysis treatment program is suited.  

The skin examination is a professional act that will allow the electrologist to quickly identify the best course of treatment for the patient.​  

In some instances, if a client has a large patch of dark hair on light coloured skin, it may be more cost effective and efficient for the client to achieve some hair reduction with laser hair removal prior to going through with the electrolysis treatment.​  

In other instances, the electrologist may recommend immediately proceeding with the electrolysis treatment.


After the skin examination, the practitioner will run through the type of results that can be expected, how long each individual session will need to last for, how long the customer should wait in-between treatments and whole long the entire programme is likely to last for.​

Medical Clearance

The practitioner will ask about any medication that the customer is currently taking and if there are any known health issues.  

The key part of the initial consultation is for the electrologist to build a relationship based on trust with you.  It is extremely important that you, as the patient, can trust your practitioner.

2. The 15 Minute Sample Test

Before committing to a series of electrolysis sessions with a provider, we always recommend that you sign up for a short 15 minute test.  This will enable you to assess the skill of the practitioner in question.

Assessing the Electrologist

​During the 15 minute session, the electrologist will perform a small amount of hair removal.  You should ensure that hairs are removed from the body without friction - by no means should it feel like the hair is pulled out of the follicle.  

When electrolysis is performed correctly, the hair is detached from the follicle before the electrologist uses the tweezers to pull the hair out.​

If you feel like hairs are being pulled out of the follicle, rather than the hairs gliding smoothly out of the follicle, then this is a strong sign that the practitioner is not doing electrolysis correctly.  In this instance, we recommend that you find another provider.

Don't be afraid to ask for a 15 minute sample session - it's commonplace in the industry and the practitioner will usually be more than happy to do this in order to secure your long term business.

3. A Full Electrolysis Treatment Session

Full electrolysis treatment requires a number of sessions over a period of time.  Here is what a typical session looks like:-

You'll be positioned comfortably while lying down (the position of which depends on the body part being treated) and the electrologist will apply a disinfectant solution to the treatment area.

The electrologist begins by placing an ultra fine needle down the hair to the root. A short burst of electric current is then be applied to the root and finally tweezers remove the hair that's being treated (if done correctly, the hair should come out without any resistance).  With modern machines, each hair won't take more than 15 seconds to be treated.

​Each hair needs to be treated on an individual basis, so the above process will be repeated until the treated area is covered.  Once complete, the electrologist will then usually apply some kind of soothing lotion that closes the pores and eases any discomfort.

Video of a Typical Electrolysis Session

Dectro International recently released this very informative video about what to expect during a typical session of electrolysis.  Click the play button below to view the video (skip to 1:05 in the video to see the information about a typical electroysis session):-

The electrolysis machine used in the video is modern and therefore treatment is relatively fast for electrolysis.  As each hair has to be treated individually, however, the treatment is slow compared to other forms of hair removal such as laser hair removal. 

After Session Debrief

​After a session of electrolysis, you'll be given a debrief by the practitioner. This usually involves:-

  • Determining a suitable date and time for the next session
  • Information about after care for 48 hours after the procedure (avoiding direct contact with sunlight, moisturising etc.)