What’s the Best Razor for Women?

Shaving is the easiest and most popular form of hair removal for women, and it can sometimes be a little difficult to figure out which razor works better.

We have done some of the work for you and come up with our recommendations in disposable and safety razors as well as in electric shavers.

Best disposable razors

Nowadays there are so many different types of disposable razors created for women that it can be hard to choose one over another in the wall of pink and blue Gillettes, Schicks, Bics and other.

While Gillette dominate the market, Schick also provide an excellent alternative. Disposable razors are great for quick touch-ups, traveling and daily shaves, and can easily be used on any part of the body.

Here are our recommendations.

Gillette Venus Swirl ($12 with 2 refill cartridges)

In terms of disposable razors, the Gillette Venus Swirl is currently the best Gillette has to offer, and it really is as good as it appears on paper.

While the cartridges themselves are disposable the actual handle is not, so once you buy the razor you will only need to buy the refill cartridges after that.

The razor comes with Gillette’s FlexiBall technology that helps the razor contour all areas of the body extremely well, even behind the knees.

Each cartridge contains 5 blades, a MoistureGlide serum to help it glide over the skin and a MicroFine comb to help lift all hairs to get a closer cut.

Of all disposable razors, this one will probably give you the closest and smoothest shave.

There is only really one downside, that being that the refills are much more costly than other similar styles (you can however fit any Gillette Venus refill cartridge on it if you want).

Schick Hydro Silk for Women Razor ($10 with 1 refill cartridge)

Don’t overlook Schick as they provide some excellent razors, the Schick Hydro Silk being our favorite, and the best disposable option for those with dry and sensitive skin.

Each cartridge comes with 5 curve-sensing blades to reach even the trickiest areas of the body as well as a skin guard to protect from nicks and cuts.

They also contain a special water-activated moisturizing serum that helps keep the skin hydrated during and after each shave.

In addition, the size and shape of the razor head make it easier to shave even hard to reach areas in one pass.

The Schick Hydro Silk is a great alternative to the Gillette Venus Swirl, and more affordable, as both the handle and the refill cartridges are cheaper.

Best Electric Shavers

While you can always use a men’s electric razor, women’s electric shavers have been designed to shave all areas of a woman’s body.

This means you will most likely get a much better shave with one of the options listed below than you would with an electric razor designed for a man.

Panasonic ES2207P Wet/Dry​

This is without a doubt the best electric razor created for women. It can be used both wet and dry and provides a fantastic close shave while protecting the skin from irritations and cuts.

Panasonic’s Floating Head Shaving System allows the shaver to contour to all curves of the body which really allows it to reach all areas uniformly.

The 3 blade and foil system is made from hypo-allergenic stainless steel and as an extra there is a pop up trimmer to trim the longer hairs if and when needed.

It only runs for about 20 minutes on a 12 hour charge, which is probably the only downside to this shaver.

All this comes at only $20, which is a fantastic price for such an excellent electric razor.

Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies All-in-One Personal Groomer

​If you are looking for more than just an electric shaver then the Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies All-in-One Personal Groomer is a great option.

Also retailing at just $20, it comes with a regular-sized foil shaver head, a smaller bikini shaving head, a bikini trimmer and a detail trimmer that can be used to trim the eyebrows.

The shaver can be used wet or dry and comes with a rechargeable stand that also neatly holds all of the accessories.

The addition of the cleaning oil and brush are a nice touch too.

Reviewers seem to love the bikini shaver and trimmer, as well as the close shave that the regular shaving head provides – it’s a great option for those who shave their bikini area on a regular basis.

Best Double Edge Safety Razor

Men are returning to a more classic style of shaving and women are following suit. While there is a lot of talk of the Lady Gillette, unfortunately this popular women’s safety razor is not manufactured anymore, and can only be bought secondhand.

However, our recommendations below will provide just as good a shave as the original female razor.

Merkur 180 Long Handled Safety Razor

​While the Merkur 180 Long Handled Safety Razor was not specifically created for women, it is popular with both women and men when it comes to safety razors.

And for good reason: the long handle makes it easy to access different areas of the body without too much work, and it’s a great transition razor for those moving from cartridge razor shaving to safety razor shaving.

The long handle comes with a non-slip gripping area which helps avoids slips and the weight of the razor itself ensures a close shave anywhere on the body.

While it may not be super feminine in style, it really does an excellent job, and at less than $30 it is more than worth the excellent price.

Edwin Jagger Heather Ladies Double Edged Safety Razor

Created specifically for women, the Edwin Jagger Heather Ladies Double Edged Safety Razor comes with 5 replaceable derby razors and costs just under $40.

It has a long handle with a pretty pearlescent coating, allowing for great reach behind the knees and under the arms, as well as the bikini area.

The razor is well-balanced and weighted and allows for an extremely close shave without the irritations that often come with shaving.

While stylistically the razor is gorgeous, it is a better option for the more seasoned safety razor enthusiast as the handle can become slippery when wet and cause cuts. It requires a steady hand, but will provide excellent results.


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