Which is Cheaper – Cartridge or Double Edge Shaving?

Cartridge shaving is a huge industry, one in which millions of dollars is pumped into every year in the form of mass market advertising.  We are sold the notion that the 5-in-1 cartridges are superior in every way, from achieving a closer shave to less irritation...

However men around the world are starting to see the light.  They are starting to see that safety shaving can improve your health, reduce your environmental impact, improve your wellbeing and, last but not least, save you money!

Check out our infographic on the topic, and then read below to get the full cost analysis:-

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Cost Analysis of Cartridge Shaving vs Double Edge Shaving

The initial cost for the cartridge razor is somewhat cheaper than the double edged razor, but the real cost is the cartridge replacements themselves.  Let's run some numbers...

For a good cartridge shave, most people will need to replace their cartridge razor once every week.  Once per week is also about the same time frame that people will also need before replacing their double edged blade.

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After 56 weeks (just over one year), you're looking at cost difference of $279.65 - $52.16, which is a total of $227.49.  It should also be mentioned that with the double edged razor you would also have another 44 weeks of blades left before needing a replacement pack.

If we extrapolate this over 10 years, the numbers are quite mind boggling when you calculate the cost of the refills:-

1 Year

5 Years

10 Years

Cost of Razor Cartridge Packs




Cost of Double Edged Razor Blades




Over 10 years, the cost difference between using a double edged razor and blades as opposed to a cartridge razor is approximately $2,387.61.

Some people may claim that they don't need to change their cartridge once every week, but even if you only change your cartridge once every two weeks then the saving is substantially higher than $1,000. 

What's also worth mentioning is that you will get a better, cleaner, closer and less irritation shave by using a new double edged razor once a week instead of replacing a cartridge razor every 4 weeks.  ​

Conclusion - Double Edge Shaving is Cheaper

While the illustration in this article is only indicative of the costs involved in shaving and shouldn't be taken as gospel, it is clear that in the long run shaving with a double edged razor is significantly easier on your wallet.

Even if you spend upwards of $100 initially on a high end chrome plated double edged razor, you will still be making a saving relative to cartridge razor shaving by the end of the first year.  

What's more, after 10 years, your savings are in the thousands of dollars, and the savings only grow with time.  

Isn't it time you made the switch to double edge razor shaving?


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